Sunday, August 2, 2015

Cinderella Paper Sculpture

I have created my second fairytale paper sculpture featuring Cinderella. The sculpture was created from upcycled book pages from a vintage copy of Cinderella and the Glass Slipper that had seen better days. When creating the work I used the book pages, black pen, and water color paints. I cut out different pieces and created a 3D sculptural scene. Below are some different angles and closeup shots. Enjoy!

My finished work.

The original book.

Work in progress.

"My my baby blue." -Steven Tyler

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Rockin' Event Review: Boost Your Business Minneapolis

Boost Your Business with Facebook was a pop-up event held in four cities across the US focusing on small businesses utilizing Facebook Ads.

They created a very friendly and welcoming environment giving attendees access to social media experts. There were two sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon on July 30th. By splitting the event into two sessions they kept the crowd size less overwhelming and reassured everyone access to vendors and experts without long lines. The space was also well layed-out to keep the crowd dispersed between all the interesting stations to visit.

Unlike typical business conferences, getting time with the keynote experts was actually an option. Jonathan Czaja, Facebook’s Director of Small Business, was available after his opening remarks over in the networking section of the event.

Mari Smith also did 1-on-1 sessions after her keynote and took selfies with many marketing geeks in the crowd.

Mari then led a panel discussion with four Twin Cities based small businesses that are fully using Facebook and Instagram to market their businesses. Greenwich Vintage Co. (a favorite of mine), The Herbivorous Butcher, Brightpeak Financial, and The Patchery all gave advice how they utilized social media to market their businesses. Greenwich Vintage Co. talked about how important personality is to their brand's social media presence. The Herbivorous Butcher talked about getting the 'vegan swarm' on their side when they travel to new locations. Brightpeak Financial explained how life landmark events helps them find potential customers via social media. And The Patchery gave advice on how they utilize Facebook Groups to research products and create an insider group of loyal fans.

There was also breakout sessions with more in-depth information on on customizing your ads' target markets with Facebook tools.

All and all it was a very smart marketing move by Facebook to try to get the small businesses on Facebook to better utilize ads. With 40 million small businesses on Facebook and only 2 million buying ads they realize that there is a huge untapped revenue stream just waiting to take the plunge. The event was very upbeat and being 'wined and dined' Facebook style meant Izzy's Ice Cream, a fun professional setting, and lots and lots of fun swag!

Did you know that the average person checks Facebook 14 times a day? I wonder how many times Steven Tyler checks his page?

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Rockin' Event Review: AIGA Luncheon Lecture Series Featuring David Schwen

'Embracing Boredom' was the topic of the day on June 23rd, 2015. Believe it or not this is a very interesting topics for me. David's lecture highlighted all the wonderful things that can be created in those times of boredom. At any given time of day, in any given public space, you can look around and see everyone around you staring at their phones. Filling up valuable boredom and wasting that time away. David talked about that time as a gift for developing ideas, not for checking facebook posts.

David Schwen is a graphic artists who's eye for clever subject commentary has turned his career towards editorial illustration, stop motion animation, and social media. He runs a one man shop but his client list is fortune 500. His illustrative images have a whimsical quality and a sense of humor that is savant yet ridiculously simple at the same time.

His #interactivegrams have become a viral trend and have inspired others to create them.

And his #camelflageseries came completely out of embracing boredom.

He devotes a large part of his time to passion projects. Filling up his down time with projects that don't pay the bills. Ironically they do pay the bills. These amazing passion projects have landed him clients from all over the world. None of it would have happened if he was filling up his boredom by checking his phone. By doing what he loves, he is showing future clients what he can do for them.

So next time you are bored, about to check your phone, stop and embrace the boredom. Do something you love instead. As Steven Tyler would say, "Fake it till you make it!"

All images are copyright of Dschwen and were found on his instagram page @Dschwen.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Find Me at the Walker Internet Cat Video Festival 2015!

Unfortunately I will not have a booth at the #CatVidFest. I think they should have a vendor area that doesn't require a $3000 sponsorship. I am sure people would LOVE to buy cat products at the event!  I still want to bring you amazing Crazy Cat Lady Katie products at the event so look for me on August 12th at the Internet Cat Video Festival at CHS Field! I will be wearing this tank top featuring my cat Little Miss.

If you find me come say 'Meow' and I will give you a 'Crazy Cat Society Membership Card' and you can do all your shopping when you get home!

Did you know the first time I saw Steven Tyler perform live was during Aerosmith's Nine Lives tour?

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Fun Retirement Gift Ideas

Anyone who knows me, knows I am a very sentimental gift giver. I love to come up with gifts that have meaning. That is why I am so often asked to help with party ideas. I recently helped with a retirement party for a coworker and came up with some cute ideas that anyone could customize for their event. These ideas are perfect for a man, which as we all know, are just so hard to get gifts for!

The first idea is the junk food bouquet. Such an easy idea. Take individually wrapped junk food items, tape a sturdy cake pop stick on the back and you are all set to go with your very own 'edible' arrangement! The price is low and they will love that you remembered their favorite treat!

The second gift idea is making a record of their 'Greatest Hits'! All this will cost you is an old 33 12in record and a T-shirt frame available at your local craft store! The center of the record can be covered with a custom 4x4 circle. You can make this in virtually any computer program. You then glue the new record center over the old one and glue the record to the frame back. (I used a checkered background to fit our 50's party theme but you can use anything you want) I them simply took the glass out and had the guests sign the record in metallic sharpie. When all framed after the event you have a truly unique keepsake!

Wonder what Steven Tyler would think about this 'Big Ten Inch Record'? (Note: this record was a 12in 33RPM not a 10in.)

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Rockin' Event Review: Northern Spark

An all night art happening is something you would expect at Art Basel, Brooklyn, or Los Angeles. Northern brings these interactive festivities to the Midwest with Northern Spark. With multiple locations open all night, your tour of the Twin Cities has vibrant surprises at every turn.

The main hub of activity was at the Mill City Museum. Many interactive installations encouraged guests to step outside their comfort zone and try something new. From becoming a giant projection, to getting lost in a maze, there was plenty to do. Even with the plethora of of activities, the high attendance made all activities something you had to stand in line for.

If you were only to go to one spot, Mill City would be worth the trip. The next most robust location was the Peavey Plaza.

The novelty of staying up all night gives the whole event a playful sort of feel and the city really does show different side than a typical evening out. The installations that stuck with me the most were, Tron Human Foosball at the Peavey Plaza, Sparkle Smash (a game where you could use your smart phone to change the lights on the top of Target Corporate), the incredible view from the observation deck at Mill City, and a whimsical black-light game of flamingo croquet at MIA straight out of Alice in Wonderland (not a listed activity).

I highly recommend giving Northern Spark a try next year to anyone up for something new. It helps to love art although food trucks, mystery, and people watching make it fun for all.

Northern Sparks' Train Kept A Rollin' All Night Long with a vibrant Steven Tyler kind of energy.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Inside Out Postcard Fan Art

Every year I make sure to enter as many creative contests as I can. Not only does this let me work on projects that I have a passion for but it helps me grow my skills. In my daily design work I rarely get to try new design styles and techniques. By pushing myself to try new styles and go up against artists from around the world, I am keeping my skills up-to-date and making sure I am the best designer I can be through continued learning.

I created a postcard illustration for the Inside Out Fan Art contest on tumblr. The grand prize is a trip to the Aulani resort in Hawaii. This week's contest topic is Emotions on Vacation. Nothing says vacation to me like sending a postcard to everyone back home! I hope you like it.. and maybe find a couple of Easter eggs hidden in the art...

Also, I hear Steven Tyler has a house in Hawaii. If I win the vacation maybe he would be open to an interview for my blog. A girl can dream right?

UPDATE 5/30/2015: Inside out shared my fan art on tumblr and on facebook.